Some Useful Tactics for hunting the Best but Cheap Driving School in Edmonton!

The fact cannot be denied that majority of us like to go alone for a long drive in Edmonton to spend some quality time while going through the beautiful mountains of this city. Well, for this purpose, possessing knowledge about traffic rules and having driving skills are necessary things because when you put your car on the road, your skills let you reach the destination safely.

So, if you are a beginner and you have an urge to learn driving skills then you must contact one of the Best Driving Schools in Edmonton to not only learn driving tactics but to cut the cost as well. Some useful tactics are discussed here to help you approach the best driving school.

Approach a Driving School that offers Day Time Discount!

Oh, don’t get panic that why would a school provide a daytime driving discount. Well, it is a fact that institutes really do offer concession on fee as the experts find it convenient to teach driving skills in the daytime. So if you have to attend university classes in the morning then it is better to opt the plan of learning driving during vacations to cut around 30% cost due to the discount offered by Driving Schools in Edmonton. However, it is good to get the driving lessons in the daytime as it helps a beginner to know more about roads and traffic rules.

Select a School that is positively reviewed by Students!

Would you like to pay hundreds of dollars for a driving school that is not even reviewed by past customers who got the services from the institute? You’ll surely not because all the Cheap Driving Schools in Edmonton usually have a long list of positive reviews on the internet. So, whenever you decide to learn driving from a school, make sure to ponder the reviews first.

Make sure that Experts at School have Specialization for Teenagers and Adults!

It is not easy for everyone to understand the mentality of teenagers because, at this age, they are not easy to handle and usually try to drive a car with high speed. Well, the Driving Schools in Edmonton usually keep those experts who not only teach driving skills but they make sure to guide teenager and adults that it is vital to give priority to their lives and avoid rash driving through proper logic and facts. So, these are basically experienced persons who know how to deal with students of different age.

Ask your Friends and Relatives!

Asking your friends can obviously prove good because as if they have experienced one of the best cheap driving schools in Edmonton, they’ll surely let you know. However, Naveen Driving School is quite famous these days and people do rely on this institute due to excellent services in the field of driving. In short, these tactics will surely prove helpful while hunting the best school.

    About Us


    Our instructors can handle students of any age and they will make new adult drivers feel perfectly comfortable when learning.


    We instill confidence in new teen drivers so that they understand the rules of the road and drive safely.

    Naveen Driving School also provides free pick up and drop off, removing the barrier keeping students from professional training. Naveen Driving School teaches students important skills and helps in the development of important require becoming an excellent and safe driver.
    Every year, due to the rapidly increasing amount of traffic in our city, becoming a reliably safe driver is increasingly difficult. Even though obtaining a driver’s license is relatively easy, becoming a level-headed and rational driver is something that can only be achieved through the help of professional training.
    Our ambition is to assist in the creation of drivers who able to safely and reliably transverse the roads of the city of Edmonton. Our instructors work with our students one-on-one to develop essential skills and to teach important lessons that will not only keep our future drivers safe but also everyone around our driver safe as well.

    Our Team

    Kirandeep Singh

    Kirandeep Singh

    Our team knows how to cater to their students’ needs.

    Satvir Pangli

    Satvir Pangli

    We take pride in making a difference to make roads safe.

    Our Cars

    Business Class Sedan (2 Cars)

    If you have a Business Class Sedan or something of the like at home which you would like to learn to drive, you can come to Naveen Driving School for lessons as we have 2 Sedans available. These smooth driving cars provide beginners with a practical experience behind the wheel as it is an average sized car. Handling the roads and going through traffic is easier to learn in this car, so we highly recommend it for beginners. This small car is also quite common on the streets of Edmonton, so beginners will get a better feel for the road.